About Florissant

Hello, we are a band from Colorado!

We’re Florissant!

Nice to meet you.

We are an emo/pop punk band with a splash of hardcore hailing from Colorado Springs, CO. Influenced by many artists from all genres, every member of this band individually brings something different and special to the table to ensure that our music is as creative and original as possible.

(From left to right)
Brennan, Brian, Chayce, Bass Player

Q & A

Q: What does Florissant mean?

A: It’s Latin; it means to flourish/bloom, like something floral. It’s a metaphor for self growth.

Q: Are you named after the town Florissant?

A: You’re a town.

Q: Are you guys from the town of Florissant?

A: You’re a town.

Our Style of Music

From progressive, math, and punk guitar and bass riffs to a variety of different drumming styles all the way down to deep, meaningful, and relatable lyrics our sound is targeted to catch the ear of listeners from all walks of life. We love our fan base just as much as we love writing and playing our music and aim to keep an authentic vibe as well as the love of our supporters. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for listening!