Press Release ‘I Carried the Ocean’ EP


Florissant is just over a year old and has been very busy in our community. Starting with a few self produced singles; our latest release ‘I Carried the Ocean’ is a professionally produced, four track journey through a wide array of lyrical content and music. Genres include midwest emo, pop-punk, post-hardcore, slow jams, jazz fusion and more! Live performances include prominent and more intimate venues in the Colorado Springs area to include The Black Sheep, Sister Venue: Vultures, The Dog House and many more.

Florissant has recently appeared on a Twitch TV stream Punky’s Mixtape which provides a full length interview of the band and features all of the new music from the EP. Host “Punky Bruiser” (Corey Dalpe) is very generous with sincere praise about the band. Co-host Dylan Willoughby simply tells us we’re his “favorite band.” Other kind words include these from roadie music not even in English!

We create the very best content we are capable of with the tools at our disposal from video, merch, artwork, to social media content and everything in between. Florissant is already in the works of creating a new album. This group is productive through a genuine desire to create and have fun. WE LOVE MUSIC AND WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU CHECKING US OUT!